How to make a Bloody Mary Bar

The Bloody Mary is perfect for Brunch, Game Night, or any occasion. To ensure your guests get their cocktail just the way they like it; and give the hostess time to mingle, set up a Bloody Mary Bar.

Put your Vodka and Tomato Juice in separate attractive decanters or containers; this will insure your guests get their desired amount of alcohol to juice ratio. Fill the table with all of the accoutrements associated with Bloody Mary’s. Don’t forget mixing spoons and skewers for the toppings.

Essential items:
– Cocktail Toppers Smokey Lime Rim Trim – keep out the jar and a plate for easy rimming
– Olives (Green, Black, Blue Cheese, Pimento or Jalipeno Stuffed)
– A Variety of Hot Sauces (Frank’s Red Hot, Tabasco, Schiracha, etc.)
– Celery Stalks
– Lime Wedges
– Horseradish
– Worcestershire Sauce

Additional items:
– Bacon
– Shrimp
– Asparagus Stalks
– Green Beans
– Pickels
– Pickled Vegitables
– Pepperocini’s
– Marinated Pearl Onions
– Marinated Articholk Hearts
– Cucumber Slices
– Cheese Cubes
– Capers


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