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Smokey Lime

Smokey Lime is a perfect accompaniment for Bloody Marys, Micheladas and more. Smokey, Sexy, Sensational. This salty, spicy cocktail rimmer will add an explosion of flavor to any savory cocktail or food dish…

lemon Lime

Lemon Lime is a perfect accompaniment for Margaritas, Martinins and more. Lemon Lime flavors are not just for Margaritas anymore. Impress your friends by dressing up Martinis, Cosmos, Vodka Tonics and more, trimmed…

Ginger mint

Ginger Mint is a perfect accompaniment for Moscow Mules, Mint Juleps and more. Who knew ginger goes with everything? The floral, fruity, sweet and salty notes make it an ideal accompaniment for so many cocktails, from…